What about me?

I am currently 19 years old at the last update of this page here. I will start with the starting point, and...

I was born in 1989. It was not until about 1991 or 1992 that my parents became absolutely positive that I was blind, and had some idea of what kind of blindness it was. In about 1996 we discovered that I am also quite deff! We got some powerful hearing aids and started school. I was not a very happy student during my first 5 years of academic public school. But once I reached mittle school, things started getting wider, straighter, and prettier. I started getting better math grades, my reading skills sky-rocketed, my confidence boosted, my temper improved, all because of a Computer! Yup, a computer (if it's worthy of being called as much), a Braille lite 40 personal data assistant. I taught myself how to use this wonderful machine, and by the year of 2002 or so i ended up with a brand new braille lite m40. I used this device until the Pacmate came out, and caught some attention from my school. Bamb! Hello pacmate! You're all mine! Haha! The year 2005 at the beginning quarter I purchased this Notebook computer, the one I am using to write this very Webpage. It's a compac Presario 700. Around 2006 or so I had some cash from showing a sheep at the county fair. I decided to buy a new laptop. So I shopped around and ended up buying an Acer Aspire 3000+. Funny thing was, my old compac's hard drive went bad immediately after I sent in the order for the Acer, but before it arived. I contentedly used the acer after getting it replaced once do to major driver and display problems up until the beginning of 2007 school year. The acer's sound system was shorting out and refused to work properly. I went shopping for another laptop. Only problem was, they were all vista. I finally bought an alienware Area51. Good laptop, but right after I bought the thing I received an email saying I'd just been granted a laptop from a funding grant that I'd applied for a year earlier. I received the free one, a Sony Vaio vgnc250n. It had vista but I installed xp on dual boot after splitting the partition.
I live on a farm, nested between hills on all sides in a two story farm house with both of My parents and myself. My two brothers live with their wives on either side of our home.
So, that's it! That's me!