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What is this thing anyway?

SpeakDropbox is a lightweight application that runs on the system tray and looks for a Dropbox icon in said tray. If found, it watches the tray tip text for that icon and can automatically read it out loud or play sounds when there is a change to said tool tip text. As a result, SpeakDropbox is able to announce out loud or produce alert noises when the Dropbox app is up to something like downloading a file, uploading a file, indexing, connecting, downloading file list, etc. Additionally, it allows for manual checking of said tray tip from anywhere with a configurable keystroke (especially useful when using sounds only and wanting to find out what Dropbox is up to when you hear one of the sounds), and a double press provides an easy way to open the Dropbox menu from anywhere without the need of using "system tray listing" functionality in your screen reader or simulating a click on the Dropbox tray icon. SpeakDropbox will probably be most useful for people who are blind or visually impaired and using a Screen Reader like NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access), as it uses the Screen Reader to provide the speech output. however, it will speak via the Microsoft Speech API 5 or later using the computer's built in voice if there is no Screen Reader that it supports present. In other words, if you're not blind, or visually impaired, or if you have a screen reader that SpeakDropbox does not support, you may still have use for this application.