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This is my audio section. Me and maybe buddies of mine are making sound effects and general audio files available right on this page for anybody who wants them. Visiters are welcome to use the sound effects for anything they like, I'd be glad to know if you're making use of them, though. These files are not copied from other audio resources without permission, and most if not all of the sound effects have been recorded by me or a buddy of mine. Most if not all files are in *.ogg format, this is because I've found it to be pretty small, it even beet mp3 and WMA. To play *.ogg files, which Windows Media Player can't, you might try out winamp, at http://www.winamp.com

Sound effects, sound movies, etc

Sound Movies

Sound effects


Ford Power Stroke, v8 diecel truck


Ford 4610, 3 cylinder diecel tractor

massey ferguson 3500, three cylinder diecel tractor


Suzuki f50

Suzuki c40