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What is Rail Racer?

Rail racer is an audio game in which the player controls a race car that runs on rails. It supports online and offline game play and is pretty darned fun to play. To learn more about rail Racer, please visit the developer of the game at

new engine sounds

An explanation of engine sounds

Rail racer's sounds folder has been left open, therefore it is possible to replace the sounds in order to, say, make the car sound different. I took advantage of this and put together some new sounds for the car engine that users can download and try. note that I personally find Rail racer's default engine sound to be pretty darned nice sounding but hey I got bored so I thought I'd give it a shot.

How to install new engine sounds

  1. Download the zip file of the engine sound you want below. You can right click on one and choose save as or you could just press enter - what ever it takes.
  2. open the zip file. if you haven't installed any third party zip utility you should be able to locate the zip file and press ENTER double click on it to open it up just like a folder.
  3. Select the entire contents of the folder. Easiest way to do this is to press CTRL+A.
  4. copy the contents that you've just selected. I use CTRL+C for this.
  5. Open the run dialogue. I press WINDOWSKey+R to do this.
  6. type into the edit field that appears: "%programfiles%". The quotes should not be typed, but the percent signs should.
  7. Press ENTER.
  8. When the Program Files folder opens, locate the "Blind Adrenaline Simulations" folder and open it up.
  9. Now find the "Rail Racer" folder and open that.
  10. Next, locate the "Sounds" folder. Open that.
  11. Finally, press CTRL+V to paste the files that you just copied from the zip archive.

Download the engine sounds here

  1. Elite Runner: sounds like it has a v8 engine. Fairly neat in my opinion.
  2. Hitachi Deskstar K1000: this one has a 4 cylinder engine. It really wines out pretty high. Turns the rail racer's RPM function into a big fat liar.
  3. Jaguar 220: This one has a v8 in it also. It's got a pretty deep sound to it. I like the start sound.
  4. Mustang GT: Another v8 engine. Sounds similar to the Jaguar 220, but it's a completely different sound never the less. Same start sound as the Jaguar however.