You've clicked on the about link, so here's the page that should tell you about me myself, us and I.

Aarontech is not a company, an organisation, or anything of that sort, Aarontech is a website, and a couple of friends.
Back in 2003 or so I began learning how to write web pages. By mid 2004 I had aarontech on the web, a week arontech, with no aims, no ideas, no content, just webpages with some information on them about what might become. I learned how to program webpages using the simplest known popular document creating application (Windows notepad). My very first version of Aarontech went under the name of Thespotonyourmind, and is still on the web, at I later found a slightly better web server, and at this point, my name changed to Aarontech. This website at that time was available at Then came my new discovery of some problems that Epinoy presented to me, and I decided to move. So here we are, Aarontech, still in major development, and with it's ideas still changing with my imagination.

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