What is Alter Aeon?

Alter Aeon is definitely my favorite MUD world out there that I know of so far. It is packed with thousands of rooms and always had more than 30 people logged on at one time. Just about everybody that plays AA are very friendly, easy to get along with, and fun to group with. Then again, there are enough assholes and spammers to keep it interesting.

The objective with AA?

The idea of AA is to kill mobs, do deeds, and some other types of activities to gain experience points. Once you have enough experience points, you simply go to a trainer's guild and get your next level. There are five different classes of Characters on AA, Mages, Clerics, Thieves, Warriors and Necromancers and more are on the way. You start out with 0 experience points, and about 50 hit points, (Hit points are the amount of points you have for your health, the more Hit points, or HP you have, the more a mob (NPC Non Player Character computer generated monster or character that you may be able to interact with) will have to hit you before you run out of them, which is when you dye). when you get up there to top levels, you might have over 1000 hp, and have spent about 10 billion Experience points or more. You use the experience points you obtain to train practices and gain new levels. Alter Aeon doesn't get rid of you or disconnect or make you start over from the start when you dye, instead, you appear in recall, (your home which you go back to when you get lost or so by typing recall), heal yourself, sleep to regen, or have somebody else heal you, then get back out there, only you do lose half of the experience points you've spent except it limits to 10000000 experience, *smile* and your gold will be on your corpse so you will have to find it to get your gold back if you were carrying any when you died.
Alter Aeon is free, just connect, get a new player, and let er rip!

How to connect?

Set your host name or address to alterAeon.com
Set your port number to 3010 for blind players or 3000.

Click here to get to Alter Aeon's homepage. Click here to open A connection to Alter Aeon through port 3010 with your default telnet client. Blind players will find port 3010a bit less spammy, especially during player creation and character log in. Click here to open A connection to Alter Aeon through port 3000 with your default telnet client

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