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What is this?

This is a page that contains links to some of my favorite blind accessible games and programs that help to play those games.


What are muds?

MUD Client List:

  1. GMUD32, a free, simple mud client that supports triggers
  2. Monkey Term, a free full featured mud client which supports triggers, no longer in development but still used by both blind and sighted
  3. VIP Mud, a full featured mud client developed by GMA Games that is fully accessible

Muds list:

  1. Altar Aeon -- midevil game rather like Runescape.
  2. Miriani, a space moo
  3. cyber Assault, a futuristic mud that takes place after a neuclear war has caused much distruction.

Simulation games:

Racing games:

  1. TopSpeed, a racing game by Playing in the Ddark
  2. Rail Racer: an audio racing game where the player controls a racecar that runs on rails.


  1. GMA Tank Commander, a modern day tank commander game from GMA Games.
  2. Lone Wolf, a world war II submarine commander game from GMA Games.
  3. Shades of Doom, a loose clone of the classic video game Doom from GMA Games.